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Your personal journey to skin health, vitality and rejuvenation in tune with your genes. Adjust your nutrition and build skincare rituals that work for you!

Maximise your natural beauty through knowledge of your genes for cellulite, stretch marks, varicose
veins and more. NutriSkin helps you choose the ideal cosmetics based on your DNA.

Slow down your ageing process. Learn how you react to biological ageing, wrinkles, antioxidants and
inflammation and make positive changes to keep your skin young.

Discover your daily requirements for vitamins and minerals. You’ll learn what to eat to better
nourish your skin and keep it healthy. Personalise your diet according to you skin’s needs.

Sample Type:          Buccal Swab
Suitable For:           All Individuals
TAT:                          ≥ 30 working days upon receipt of sample at laboratory